Big Data & Big Data Analytics

Big data and predictive analytics are a part of our BI portfolio — an increasingly important part, at that. For our customers, new data sources such as social media and sensors represent valuable opportunities to gain a better understanding of their own business or even to develop new business models.

As we manage the process with very large, structured and unstructured data volumes—and in real time—we are a valuable partner for your customers.

Your problems and areas of action (examples)

  • What potential does big data hold for your company?
  • In what way can big data benefit the management of your company, in addition to the operative benefits in production and quality management?
  • What internal and external data would be valuable for management purposes, but could not or has not previously been collected?
  • Use of e.g. machine or sensor data, social media or other Internet data

Our range of services

  • Standardised analysis of big data potential
  • Development of your big data strategy including, if necessary, a digital transformation roadmap
  • Big data architectural design, including technology evaluation if necessary
  • Implementation of big data projects, including machine learning (plan, build, run) if required, based on our standard process model
  • Big data analytics (predictive, prescriptive),
  • Including data science if required


Prof. Armin Roth

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