Big Data & Big Data Analytics

Big data & predictive analytics form an increasingly important part of our BI portfolio. New sources of data such as social media or sensors, for example, represent valuable opportunities for our customers to gain a better understanding of their own business or even to develop new business models.

We are a valuable partner to our customers because we are well-versed in dealing with very large, structured and unstructured volumes of data, in real time too.

  • What is the potential for your company in terms of big data?
  • In what way can big data be of use, alongside operational benefits such as production and quality management, when managing your company?
  • Which internal and external data would be of value for management purposes but which to date have not been or could not be collected?
  • Using machine or sensor data, social media or other Internet data, for example
  • Standardised big data potential analysis
  • Development of your big data strategy, including a digital transformation road map, if necessary
  • Big data architectural design, including evaluation of technology, if necessary
  • Implementation of big data projects, including machine learning (plan, build, run) if necessary, on the basis of our standard procedure model
  • Big data analytics (predictive, prescriptive), including data science, if necessary
  • Big data governance
  • Organisation of a digital steering lab
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Contact Person Business Intelligence

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