Digitalization Strategy

In order to ensure the success of digital projects, we will support you in the development of a comprehensive digitalization strategy that integrates all areas of the company. Essential strategy components include:

1. Customer proximity and focus
When designing digital business cases, the focus is on customer-specific products and services, which are aligned to the individual needs of various stakeholders.

2. Speed and agility
The implementation of digital solutions, services and business models is based on speed and flexibility, which allow new market and customer requirements to be handled early on.

3. Culture of innovation
An interdisciplinary working culture characterised by innovation is crucial for bringing companies into the digital age. The result is a fast development cycle and the continuous transfer of knowledge.

4. Business model
A data-based business and operating model in which products and services combine to deliver the best possible customer benefits will guarantee business success in the digitised world.

Your vision

  • A comprehensive understanding of “digitalization” and “Smart Factory”
  • Clearly defined, achievable target concepts for “digitalizing” in your company
  • Guiding principles for “digitalization/Smart Factory”, which all employees can understand and support
  • A practice-based approach to establish and set in motion the “digital change” in your company

Our mission

  • We will work with you to solve the most important digitalization questions across all specialist areas
  • We will help you to firmly establish “digitalization/Smart Factory” as parts of your strategy
  • We create concepts for transparent, practice-oriented internal and external communication
  • In doing so, we will support you to make your business more prepared for the digital transformation


Prof. Armin Roth

Contact Person Digitalization/Smart Factory

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