Innovation Management

Innovation and methodically guided creativity are the basis of all digitalization projects — particularly in the development of new “digital” products and services. As such, it is essential to have systematically structured, interdisciplinary innovation management within digitalization projects. The goal is to develop and establish creativity methods and to reinforce an appropriate culture of innovation within the company.

Design thinking – an innovation framework

Methodology and procedures for the focussed encouragement of creative ideas are summarised in the “design thinking” innovation framework, which has recently established itself as a universal standard. Using tools that help to encourage creativity, user-oriented solutions can be developed as part of an iterative process, with prototypes implemented and the solutions further developed into complete business models.

Our experts will gladly support you in the goal-oriented development of an innovation management concept — through creative design and data thinking workshops, as well as the establishment of a modern, forward-thinking product management model according to the lean start-up methodology.

Your aspirations

  • You want to establish constant willingness to innovate in your company
  • You want to develop profitable services from new and existing data
  • You want to increase the benefits customers gain from your products by creating individual added value
  • You want to develop digital products and services with as little outlay as possible
  • You want to get to know the stakeholders and roles within your customer and market segments even better

Our methods

  • Together with you, we will cultivate a relevant culture of innovation and creativity
  • We will support you with data thinking workshops to reconcile data and benefits
  • We can identify your customers’ problems and needs within a design thinking process
  • We will establish a modern, “digital” product management system according to the lean start-up methodology
  • We will support you with the methodological structure of customer, role and relationship models


Prof. Armin Roth

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