The design and development of an IoT platform is often the focus for many digitalization projects — in order to manage the varied device landscape within the company or to optimise in-house production, to simplify the servicing and maintenance of the internal product range and to increase customer benefits.

The crucial added value of an IoT platform mainly comes from the data of the networked devices, which is captured, analysed and evaluated. There are a number of complex criteria that are relevant to choosing and successfully integrating a suitable IoT solution:

1. Platform strategy
What benefits does the platform create for the company and the customers? Should a unique platform be developed or should the company subscribe to a cloud service?

2. Business model support
Which marketing options will be supported? How can the methodical development and prototyping of business model building blocks be implemented in the platform?

3. Technology assessment
Determining the components for mapping a range of services: Connectivity, device and process management, data visualisation and analytics, as well as external interfaces.

4. Smart product capability
Opportunities to evaluate, analyse and further process platform data in real time — in order to develop smart products and services through an agile, iterative process

IoT scenario

  • Manage, update and monitor distributed devices
  • Provide uniform data standards for transmitting a variety of information
  • Receive and evaluate data in real-time and integrate additional systems
  • Derive reliable predictions from your data base
  • Integrate processes and workflows and implement role-based user interfaces or dashboards
  • Guarantee maximum security when operating on an internal platform

Our technology expertise

  • Device and life cycle management throughout the entire life cycle
  • Correct implementation and evaluation of IoT protocols
  • Implement data streams and steam analytics services correctly
  • Establish predictive analytics and big data processing to gain economic benefits
  • Choose the appropriate cloud providers and use the right cloud solution


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