Digitalization Strategy

To ensure the success of digital projects, we support you in the development of a holistic digitization strategy that integrates all areas of the company. Key strategic components include:

The development of digital business cases focuses on new, customer-specific products and services that are tailored to the individual needs of different stakeholders.

The basis for the implementation of digital solutions, services and business models is speed and flexibility in order to respond to new market and customer requirements at an early stage.

An innovative, interdisciplinary work culture plays a vital role in bringing companies into the digital age. The result is fast development cycles and constant knowledge transfer.

A data-driven business and operator model that blends products and services for the best possible customer value is the guarantor of entrepreneurial success in the digitized world.

Your vision

  • A unified understanding of “digitalization” or “Industry 4.0”
  • Clearly defined, achievable target images for “digitalization” in your company
  • Guidelines for “Digitalization / Industry 4.0” that all employees can understand and support
  • A practice-oriented approach to launch and establish the “digital transformation” in your company in a value-adding way.

Our mission

  • Together with you, we work out the answers to the most important questions about digitalization across all disciplines
  • We support you in anchoring the topics “Digitalization / Industry 4.0” within your strategy
  • We create concepts for transparent, practice-oriented internal and external communication
  • We help you to increase acceptance and readiness for digital transformation in the company

Through strategy and innovation to operative digitization projects

  • Activation of necessary resources through formation of an interdisciplinary team
  • Analysis of the initial business situation and determination of strategic company orientation
  • Generating innovation impulses for the further development of individual business model components
  • Realization of concrete efficiency and individualization goals through targeted and field-tested project management
Innovation and strategy

Prof. Armin Roth

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