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Customer and market expectations of businesses have significantly increased when it comes to efficiency, speed, responsiveness, flexibility and networking. It is a challenge that needs to be identified, understood and tackled in the right way.

To ensure long-term digital success for our customers, we have developed a methodological framework which supports the complete digital transformation process, with suitable tools and process models that are established in practice.

Determination of maturity in the developing topics of Digitalization & Smart Factory

  • Determination of the initial strategic position
  • Analysis of the actual situation of organization, technology, resources and business model architecture
  • Identification of prioritized fields of action
  • Application of our tried-and-tested SIMPLE SCORED model for holistic maturity assessment
  • Detailed analysis of all affected divisions

The SIMPLE SCORED model is a maturity model developed by us specifically for the needs of companies to determine the location within 12 major dimensions of change. By using the model within moderated workshops, we can enable a quick location assessment or compare different divisions within a detailed analysis.

SPUTNIK – the framework for digitalization by Braincourt

  • Methods and tools for developing strategic goals
  • Determination of maturity and identification of fields of action
  • Operational tools for innovation management
  • Creative tools for developing business models
  • Concepts and measures for organizational development
  • Concepts and architectures in the IoT and big data technology environment
  • Development of tailor-made change management measures
Sputnik Framework

From individual screws to the complete entrepreneurial package for the dawn of the digital future. Depending on the degree of maturity and structure of your company, we will put together the right setup for you to ensure the practical implementation of your digitization projects.

Our publications

Einführung und Umsetzung von Industrie 4.0

  • For companies, it is important to set the strategic course for their Industry 4.0 strategy at an early stage and to build up experience in dealing with Industry 4.0 technologies. However, some of the Industry 4.0 relevant technologies are unlikely to fully realize their efficiency potential in 5 to 10 years.
  • The introduction of Industry 4.0 affects almost all areas of a company and should therefore be understood, planned and actively managed not only as a digital transformation, but also as a cultural change in the organization.
  • Issues such as data protection and IT security are not only important requirements for a successful introduction of Industry 4.0, but must also be firmly and consistently anchored in the digital system as essential acceptance and success factors.

The book is available via the Springer Verlag.


Condition Monitoring is experiencing a renaissance as part of the discussions surrounding Industry 4.0. It is celebrating a comeback, because there have been approaches from manufacturer and operator view itself for many years. However, they haven’t been used often in order to create added value.

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ComputerwocheThe fourth industrial revolution arrives in reality.
Numerous practical examples are already producing remarkable results today.
How do the successes come about? And why is it important to deal with the topic?
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ControllerMagazinThose, who understand Industry 4.0 as only production optimization through digital networking, are wrong. Controlling offers the future project great opportunities for increasing efficiency in the company and generating new value creation potential.
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