• To master constant changes
  • Greater transparency within your projects
  • Better collaboration between business and IT
  • Faster product development cycles
  • Use an agile approach to focus on the benefits to business
  • Set out, for all requirements, the reason (business value) why this requirement is needed
  • Consider our cross-functional teams as a prerequisite for success in terms of the agile approach
  • Consider agility, from our experience, as a response in order to meet market dynamics

Are able to apply our experience in a customised way once we have understood what your goal is. Our agile portfolio sets out some of our typical starting positions:

Effect and maturity of the organization

Do you want to gain a better understanding of agility and start thinking about whether agility can be applied to your business?

  • Principles and values of an agile mindset
  • History of agility
  • Agile methods (roles, artefacts and approaches)
  • Iteratons and increments as central effect mechanisms
  • Change as a normal condition
  • Organisation of requirements
  • Planning in agile projects
  • What specific next steps can you imagine taking for your company?

Do you want to carry out your first agile pilots and gather your own experiences?

  • Ensuring agile training and the required skills
  • Assumption of roles in your agile team (PO, SM, DevTeam member)
  • With agile coaching, we place our experience at your disposal, irrespective of the role, in order to make your agile project a success
  • Ability to act independently in all required agile roles
  • The four-stage VENÜ training method as a basic concept for the way we do business
  • In English, VENÜ stands for Demonstrate – Explain – Copy – Practise

Do you want to gain a better understanding of where your company stands in terms of agility?

Determine your level of agile maturity in the areas of:

  • CLARITY: vision, planning, roles
  • PERFORMANCE: confidence, measurements
  • LEADERSHIP: manager, product owner, technical lead,
    team faciliator
  • CULTURE: team dynamics, organisation dynamics
  • FOUNDATION: team structure, self organization, skills,
    technical excellence

Do you want to strongly anchor agility in your company after your first good experiences?

Potential agile scaling models and strategies:

  • Organising large projects (functional sections or encapsulation)
  • In parallel with many teams and projects
  • International teams at distributed locations
  • Agile portfolio management

Adapting to your situation, your culture, your environment and your operational framework:

  • Know-how/skills
  • Infrastructure and architecture
  • Hybrid approach as an option
  • Management model and agile leadership

Are you having serious problems with your agile project which you would like to understand and resolve?

  • External analysis of the situation and working out possible areas of activity
  • Preparing a situation analysis by means of several individual interviews
  • Consolidating the interviews and working out the possible causes
  • Working out potential areas of activity and recommendations
  • Analysis of the situation as part of a single-day or multi-day workshop, with all individuals involved
  • Operational assumption of the role of ScrumMaster
  • Operational assumption of the role of ProductOwner

Do you want to experience agility across your entire company?

  • Management throughout cross-functional teams (development, marketing, sales, service)
  • From project management to product management
  • Result-oriented management control
  • Product service teams focused on innovation (with the customer in mind)
  • Design Thinking, Rapid Reaction Forces & Lean Start-ups
  • The learning organisation
  • The role of management in agile organisations
  • Merging structural organisation and procedural organisation
  • The focus is on the customer and the corresponding
    organisation throughout the products or service
Agile organisation and scaling
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