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The cooperation in companies, in the project, in the organizational context, but above all together with the customer, is the basis for a successful creation of value and thus the foundation of the business success. Much of the company’s internal communications are today organized via email or on corporate intranets. While classic intranets were more static, were supplied with content by editorial teams and were explicitly inward-looking, a social intranet today adapts many of the concepts of Web 2.0 and integrates modern collaboration tools internally and externally with customers and partners. Working together always has a substantive level and is divided into creating, distributing and updating content. A social intranet thus becomes the heart of a modern digital workplace.

A social intranet as we imagine it can affect all areas of a company.

Culture-constituting elements

Collaboration has a specific focus at various levels of the organization.

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Our services

Braincourt provides comprehensive support for the introduction and expansion of a social intranet as a platform for project and team collaboration. We focus on the following areas:

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