Project – Programme – Portfolio

Successful projects thanks to ...

  • Standardised yet pragmatic methods in portfolio, programme and project management
  • Motivated project staff/managers
  • Your project managers being freed up to focus on your core expertise
  • Constant changes being mastered
  • Transparency within your projects
  • Better collaboration between business and IT

With us as your partner, because ...

  • Our core expertise is in project management
  • Our projects are always successful
  • Project business for us means people business
  • We have long-standing and successful experience with projects
  • We guarantee an independent view of your projects
  • Our customers are happy to recommend us
  • We speak the language of business and IT
  • We strike a balance between standard procedure
  • and pragmatism

3Pstands for Project – Programme – Portfolio and includes 7 key factors which form the basis for our services. In this way, we are promoting a common understanding for your methods and processes. We always focus on your goals and your success, whether conceptually, operationally or strategically motivated.

Olaf Hebecker

Contact Person Project Management

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