Digitalization Core Modules: Rapidly raise potential and realize it as a prototype. Smart solution and implementation at a fixed price.

• Your company has recognized (digitization) needs – but is not yet ready to invest in a larger project
• Your company wants to know what digitization means and how technological innovations change business processes
• Your company is still unsure which technologies / products actually bring which benefits
• Your company not only needs advice, but also wants to benefit from know-how transfer and best practice

  • Sie buchen ein transparentes Leistungspaket zu einem festen Preis mit klar definiertem Ziel
  • Risk minimization and development of a decision-making basis with a low budget
  • Validation of your requirement, visualization of optimization potentials and business benefits
  • Mix of training methods transfer and consultation
  • Identify not only digital optimization possibilities but also analogous and organizational potentials
  • You get an operational software prototype
Proof of Business

With our “Digitalization Core Modules” we bring your business processes into the digital age

As part of this service, we accompany you methodically from the identification of the digitization potential of a selected process to the implementation of a digital prototype with proven technologies. In addition, you will gain insight into best practice methods and work with a practice-oriented toolkit that expands your practical knowledge for process optimization. We provide the service at an attractive fixed price!

Are you looking for a neutral, appealing environment for this workshop? Come to us and use our premises at “The Hide, who are specifically designed for these (creative) workshops!

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